Psalm 23:4 – The Fearless Heart

If you have not already, make sure and check out the first video blog that I made in this series entitled, “Psalm 23:1-3 The Good Shepherd”.   When my dad told me that he had lymphoma I was floored.  Cancer is not a good word in our family and I have seen too many family members die of this horrible … Read More

Are You Prepared for Your Parents to Die? (Part 2)

Whitney Sparks "A Fearless Heart"

Last week I wrote about the important factors in preparing for your parents’ death. The Burial – Do you know where your parents want to be buried?  If not, then this is something that you should find out now so that you’re not having to guess when they do pass away.  This should all be arranged with you meet with … Read More

Are You Prepared for Your Parents to Die? (Part 1)

Whitney Sparks "A Fearless Heart"

The picture that you see is a picture that I took a couple weeks ago of my grandparents.  Wow, I really miss them!  I’m sure we all have loved ones in our lives that have passed on.   The point I want to make today is are you prepared for this to happen?  I mean, we’re all going to die … Read More