Want Something FREE On My Birthday?

My birthday is TODAY.  I won’t share my age with you, but just believe me when I say it’s somewhere near 29.  I’m pretty sure?!?  Yeah, that’s right!  The cool thing is that God blessed me with a twin brother whom I get to share my birthday with every year.  Isn’t he adorable? The funny part is that my brother … Read More

How I Paid .43 for All of This

 Cheerios, (2) Kool-Aid packets, (2) Almay eyeshadows, (2) Gillette shave gels, (1) box of mints, (1) roll of toilet paper – not listed I keep us on a pretty tight budget and have listed for us to spend $100 a week on food, toiletries, dog necessities, etc. for a family of four.  So in order for me to stay within … Read More

CVS Saved Us From Disaster!

Do you avoid using coupons because you are trying to avoid buying a lot of junk or things that you don’t actually need? Well, did you know that using coupons allows you to buy whatever you want just at a lower price (as long as you are waiting to use coupons until that item is at an all-time low price)? … Read More