Want Something FREE On My Birthday?

My birthday is TODAY.  I won’t share my age with you, but just believe me when I say it’s somewhere near 29.  I’m pretty sure?!?  Yeah, that’s right!  The cool thing is that God blessed me with a twin brother whom I get to share my birthday with every year.  Isn’t he adorable? The funny part is that my brother … Read More

My Favorite Money Saving Apps

Whitney Sparks "A Fearless Heart"

A few months ago, I hosted a conference call listing my favorite money saving apps.  I specifically went over these three: Shopkick  – Shopkick is an app that I can use to get FREE products.  The great thing is that I use Shopkick for free.  I can walk into a store, turn on my Shopkick, Wifi, and Bluetooth and get … Read More