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Greg and I were in debt since the day we married.  What was worse was that we continued our downward spiral and just kept digging ourselves deeper and deeper into debt.


We started asking our friends and family for help and everybody was saying the same thing “You need to find more money”.  How could we?  We were both already working full-time jobs collectively earning $60,000 and we had a toddler.  We were tired and busy!


We finally met with a man who gave us a piece of advice that I never thought of.  He advised us to stop paying on our retirement to allow a little bit of cash to open up to help prevent us from living paycheck to paycheck.  Guess what we found.  $65.  That’s it.  We had $65 of extra money, but you know what…it was something extra.  We didn’t have to stress anymore about where to find this magical money that would hopefully float down from the sky.


We took that $65 and started managing our money.  When we learned how to give every dollar a name, we were able to turn that $65 into $1,000.  That’s a lot of money!  What could you do with an extra $1,000 a month?  We were able to start paying down debt and we didn’t have to go out and get another job.


See, sometimes the money is there the whole time but sometimes it takes a third party to look at your finances and see what’s wrong.  I have met with single women who paid off debt with my help and it didn’t take them getting another job.  I have talked with people who learned how to save money when they didn’t have a dime in the bank when we started.

It’s amazing what can happen when someone can come in and think outside the box.  I was, and still am, so thankful that Greg and I had this help.  It made a huge difference in our lives.  We no longer fear overdraft fees, we have paid for two vehicles using cash, we have paid off $53,000 worth of debt, and most importantly we have a plan.  That’s the biggest key.  I can sleep so much better at night knowing that our I don’t have to go to work the next day to pay off debts.  I can go to work because I want to and we can make our money work for us.

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See what others are saying…


Whitney was a God-send to me. Because of her guidance my husband and I have paid off our credit card debt and now have extra money to build our savings every month! It feels like a breath of fresh air and I know with the skills Whitney taught me, I’m just at the beginning of my family’s journey to financial security! ~ Laura


Whitney has such an amazing heart and knowledge for helping people work through through their financial blocks. Anyone would be honored to work with her personally one on one! ~ April


Love it! Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom. ~ LaDonna

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