What is an Emergency Fund? – part 1

Whitney Sparks "A Fearless Heart"

An emergency fund is something that I recommend every person starts out with BEFORE trying to pay off debt.  An emergency fund is just what it says:  money set aside for an emergency.  The reason that you will want to start with this first, is because THERE WILL BE some type of “emergency” come up when you start trying to … Read More

How We Were Able To Accrue $53,000+ Of Debt!

During the first two years of our marriage, Greg and I were able to accumulate $53,000 worth of debt.  Wow!  When you see the breakdown of how we accrued that much, it doesn’t seem like it could actually total that amount.  Even though we are debt free, it is still hard to face that number.  I have heard people tell … Read More

Become DEBT-FREE in 2015

When telling people that I’m a financial coach, somebody always tells me that they need someone like me.  They want to change their habits and change their ways but sometimes they just don’t know how to go about that. Here is a list I made of things that might help you to get on the path to financial freedom starting … Read More

How Do Your Finances Measure Up?

Are you ready for a pop-test?   Here is a quick list of questions to help determine if you are in need of a coach. So, go ahead…take the test and then see how you score at the bottom of this page.   LESS TRUE               MORE TRUE STATEMENTS 1        2         3         4           5 This month’s bills come in before I have … Read More

When Does an Emergency Not Feel Like an Emergency?

Whitney Sparks "A Fearless Heart"

When you actually have the money set aside to cover that particular “emergency”.   You need to stop and set aside money for a emergency fund or rainy day fund.  TODAY!  Don’t wait until the emergency actually happens before you begin saving.  That will cause you a lot more stress and you possibly won’t get the money that you need. … Read More