Top 10 Ways to Save on Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s here.  I know.  I know.  It’s ridiculous how fast it comes and it’s probably just another excuse for retailers to make a ton of money, but it is what it is.  Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you’re like me then you are probably wondering how to save a little money while still having a good time. … Read More

The Couponer’s Classroom

“I don’t have time for them.” “You only spend them on stuff you don’t need anyways.” “They don’t help me save that much money.”   What if Whitney Sparks were to tell you that all of these are myths when it comes to using coupons?   Coupons have saved her family thousands of dollars for household products that she uses … Read More

Savvy School of Savings – Smart Shopping

My goal whenever I walk into a store is to save 40% – 50%.  I have taught you how I am able to accomplish this goal through the use of coupons but I know that not all of you use coupons.  That’s fine. Here I can show you how to save money without using coupons.  It’s just being a smart … Read More

My Favorite Coupon Blog Will Save You Time and Money

Hey, guys.  So I am going to be completely honest with you.  I am not a true coupon blog.  Shocking!?  I know. I consider my site to be more of a money saving blog.  I do love using coupons and don’t teach anything that I haven’t tried on my own.  I have been more extreme than I am now but … Read More

Coupons 101 for Beginners (video)

Hey, guys.  Here’s a video I created to better help serve you.  Before you watch the video, just know that I have been where you are with saving money.   When Greg and I were first married I took a stab at using coupons and was able to save us anywhere from .50 – $1 per shopping trip.  I kept … Read More