Classroom Jobs – Chalkboard Background

I am rereading parts of my book, The Power of a Positive Teacher, and I just read this line from my book. “I believe every classroom in America should post classroom jobs. Giving students jobs makes them feel valued and have the ability to take ownership within their classroom.”

My belief system on classroom jobs still stands true today! It is so important to begin planning out those jobs within the first two weeks of school. I will add several classroom job templates on my blog that I have used in the past. This is an example of one that you can use within your own classroom.

These cards are very versatile. You can cut them apart, place them in a pocket chart, and write the kids’ names on popsicle sticks. This would allow you to only move popsicle sticks. If you have multiple classes, write numbers on the sticks as opposed to names.

You can also leave these jobs as these are in 8×10 sheets without cutting them apart. I would print them onto cardstock and laminate all the cards. Also, I am attaching an editable sheet for you to type the students’ names. You can then take these small rectangles, stick a Velcro tab on the back, and move them accordingly.

Enlist your students help with these classroom jobs. Let your students take ownership by having them apply for a job or switch out the names for you. Give up that control and let your students to help you! Giving your students the opportunity to help you in the classroom will lead to a positive classroom environment and your students will thrive once they realize how much you need them.

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