Barnwood Style Reading Levels and Genres

A couple of years ago, I decided to create a farmstyle look in my classroom. The beautiful barnwood scrapbook paper came from Avenie Digital on TPT. I have used this barnwood for so many projects in my classroom. You will love her various designs! I found the greenery accents from Swiejko’s TPT store. Anything she puts out there is definitely worth the money!

Being a reading teacher, I needed reading level labels for my book bins. I place these labels on the front of my bins for my students to identify their level quickly when choosing a book. These labels also allow me to organize my books according to their level and/or genre. If you don’t have time to keep those books organized, create a job for a classroom librarian. The job of the librarian will be to check the bins to ensure that books are in the appropriate bin.

If you purchase the books yourself, you may want to write your name on the inside cover. I use Sharpies to write the reading level in the right-hand corner of each book. You can also purchase garage sale dots from Dollar Tree that are blank and write the level on these. I would stick packing tape over the dot.

If you prefer your students to read according to genre, then I have those labels attached as well. You can create your own labels using the last slide. I hope you enjoy these, and I hope they help you to organize your classroom.

PS…I love packing tape! Instead of laminating these labels, I would place them on the front of the bin and cover them in packing tape. You could also copy them onto cardstock, laminate, and punch a hole in the right-hand corner. Use a ring to attach the label to a bin with holes. Looking for reading bins? Always start at Dollar Tree!

To print, just right click the page you want and click Open Page in New Tab. Click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen and locate the word PRINT. I hope you enjoy these reading labels! Whit

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