FREE Summer Bowling

With COVID-19 taking place this year and businesses closing, I was very concerned that I would not have much of a summer with my two boys before school started back up again. I am so thankful that our local bowling alley has opened up! Thanks to Kids Bowl Free, my boys get to bowl for free and all I pay for are the shoes. Kids 15 and under are eligible to bowl for free.

Let me tell you how Kids Bowl Free works.

Now I can’t promise you that your local bowling alley participates in Kids Bowl Free. The first thing when you see when you link onto their web page is a drop down menu asking where you live. Then the site will locate bowling alleys that are located near you and ones that are participating in the Kids Bowl Free program.

If your bowling alley does participate in the program, then you will need to create an account. You are doing this so that you can register the children you want to participate in the program. I’m not sure of the limit of children you can register, but it’s a lot. You can even go back in and add kids. When my nephew comes down this summer, I will add his name to our pass so that he can go bowling with my son.

Once you register, an email will come to your inbox on Sunday with your coupons for the week. I just leave these in my phone and show them to the cashier when I get there, or you can print out the coupons for the week and take those to the bowling alley. With the coupons, your children can bowl two games. This pass does not cover the cost of bowling shoes.

This year, I decided to upgrade to the family pass. I wanted to bowl for free, plus my parents come to visit a lot and I wanted them to go bowling with the kids when they come here. The family pass is less than $30 and you are able to add up to 4 family members. This pass is a one-time only purchase. This is a great buy for some good family fun. So, make sure and check out Kids Bowl Free and purchase your family pass today!

Please contact me at if you have any questions.

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