3 Amazingly Cheap Vacations on a Teacher Budget During COVID-19

With all this sheltering-in-place I’m sure that most of us are ready to get out of the house! I know that my boys and I are so tired of being cooped up, but I am forever grateful for leaders who are working hard to keep us safe. I know for most of you, summer vacations may be a wash due to job losses or closures.

So, what is a cheap vacation that my family can afford that will keep us safe during this 2020 pandemic?

I know that our family has talked about going to the beach. To me, this is a great way to social distance if you choose a section of the beach that is less crowded. We are planning on staying close to home this year which will save money on gas. Air BNB is reporting that more people are choosing to stay closer to home this summer due to finances. They are working with a cleaning expert team to instruct their hosts how to effectively clean; although the owner reports that most vacationers find the Air BNB rooms to be cleaner than a hotel. The price could be right for you to rent an Air BNB home since these hosts are going to want to fill up their houses this summer.

Something that my family enjoys doing is going to state and national parks. Parks are usually filled with activities. Plus it’s just great to be outdoors and enjoy nature. I’m so glad that more parks are opening during this pandemic. Details are changing quickly, so you will want to check out your local state park website or the National Park Service website to see how to pay and enter the park. The last time I looked at a park, the site stated that passes needed to be purchased online. Also, if you’re a 4th grade teacher you can get free national park passes for yourself and your students, and if you have a 4th grader he/she gets in for free using the Every Kids Outdoors pass. The Every Kid Outdoors pass expires August 31, 2020.

I LOVE visiting various sites when we go on vacation. I especially enjoy unique museums. Caverns are my ultimate favorite! Before we travel, I always check to see if the city where we are heading has a City Pass. So, here’s the deal with City Pass. The passes that I’ve bought have 5 choices and I am able to choose 4 that we want to visit. Purchasing a City Pass allows me to save 40% and all of my tickets are in one place. When we traveled to San Diego, I was able to jump ahead of the lines at Sea World because the tickets were on my phone. They were able to scan them immediately and then our fun began. Now, I have to write a disclaimer here. With COVID-19, you will want to check the pass to see what is open in that city before traveling there. I just searched and some cities have several openings and others are slowly reopening. City passes are usually sold for larger cities, but if the city where you are visiting does carry a city pass make sure to search if they have something similar.

I hope that you and your family are able to get out during this time. If you are still a little unsure and would prefer staying close to home then get outdoors and enjoy a little sunshine. I plan on purchasing a pool pass to one of our local pools this summer. Next week I am signing up our family to go bowling for FREE with the Kids Bowl Free program. When our local movie theaters reopen, the kids and I always enjoy watching a matinee. Hopefully more will be opening up after June 1st. I hope you can let your hair down and enjoy your time with your children this summer!

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