I LOVE these Carpet Spots (Back to School)

Y’all these are a teacher’s dream! You have got to add these carpet spots to your teacher school supply list.

In years past, I have always used a rug for my students to sit on during my read aloud. This year since I didn’t have a rug, I realized quickly that even though my students are 4th graders they still needed organized seating on the floor. Isn’t it funny how our students are creatures of habit and thrive on organization?

I saw a friend post that she had bought these carpet spots for her classroom. I looked at them and thought, “These would never stay on the floor and the vacuum cleaner will ruin them.” Well, I am here to tell you that that is a myth! These carpet spots are amazing!

I decided to order some with my classroom funds and try them out for myself. I was shocked at how easy they are to work with and utilize in a classroom setting. They are like a huge Velcro dot and are able to stick to the floor without coming up. I took a video to show you how well they stick.

Aren’t they great? I remember the days when I would put tape on the floor. That tape always refused to come up. One year when I laid down masking tape it stuck so badly that I had to get our cleaning crew to lift it off the carpet. It was ridiculous! Plus tape leaves these ugly marks on the carpet.

These spots are so simple and easy to use. The vacuum cleaner can’t even remove these spots off the carpet. So, how did I use these spots?

I laid my spots in a color pattern and assigned each student an assigned spot. When it was time to dismiss for our next classroom activity, I would usually call the students according to their color spot. I would say, “Okay, pink you may go to the computers. Greens you may go to stations. Etc.”

These are a great tool for classroom management. These are a MUST HAVE for when students come back to school. So, add color spots to your list of school supplies TODAY!

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