Activity Gameboard

I wanted to create an activity board for my sons during this time of being at home because of the Coronavirus. What I didn’t want was just another list of activities because I knew that would not motivate them to work as hard. If you have boys, then you know they LOVE competition!

So, I created this Tic-Tac-Toe board of activities where they can keep track of their points.

Thank you to Poppydreamz and The Upper Elementary Classroom for the wonderful background and amazing fonts!

Let me walk you through my thinking for each box.

Outside Play – Kids have got to spend time outside in the sunshine. If you’re a teacher, then you know the importance of outside play. Plus with all this illness around, I just think some good old-fashioned Vitamin D is the way to go.

Read 20 Minutes – Kids who spend time reading are great writers and spellers. Reading builds focus and helps kids build metacognition.

Make a Snack – Allow your kids to make something to snack on during the day. It could be something as simple as peanut butter and apple slices.

Build Something – Literally something. It could be anything made out of materials around the house (pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, felt, glitter,(if you’re brave enough), etc.).

Study Math Facts – This is such an easy task for kids. Dollar stores sell math fact cards and there are TONS of websites online offering free games to help your child memorize those facts.

Do a Chore – It will not hurt your child at all to help around this house while you are holed up. I have been asking my children to make their beds since this is something we never have time for during the week. Today my son will mow the yard and my younger son will put away dishes. Asking your children to participate in chores teaches them responsibility.

Draw a Picture – I wanted to put “Paint a Picture” but I didn’t know how some of you felt about paint, so I wrote “Draw”. Kids could still use watercolors, or just let them draw with their favorite type of colors. Let them get creative and find a place in your house to hang their picture.

Write a Song – This is a great time to teach your child the arts as well as core subjects. Allow your child to use their creative juices to write poetry and then put music to it. They don’t have to play an instrument. They can just rap the lyrics, or create their own melody.

Spell the Room – Challenge your children to glance around the room and practice writing words like wall, lamp, rug, floor, etc. Have your children practice spelling phonetically and sounding out each phoneme instead of asking you how to spell the word.

Journal Write – If you Google journal writing topics, you will find a ton of prompts. Your child could just write the date at the top of their paper or a spiral and simply write about their day or their feelings. This is a great way to ease anxieties that your child may be having as we as allowing him/her a chance to express their feelings.

Device Time – Yes, I do allow my children time on devices. I think it’s okay for all of us to have some downtime. I am on a device right now writing this blog. I am trying to encourage my children to do more than just play games on our laptops and/or watch YouTube videos. I am trying to show them that devices can be used for educational purposes as well:)

Edit Your Writing – Have your child take their journal writing and edit it by checking for correct capital letters and punctuation marks. They can also use a dictionary to correct misspelled words. They could even ask a sibling to check their writing for them since it’s so difficult for us to identify our own mistakes.

Play a Game – Remember what board games look like? This would be a great time for kids to get out a deck of cards and/or play a board game. Again, if you don’t these things check out your local Dollar Stores. Our favorite board game is Monopoly.

Create Word Problems – When I asked my students to create their own word problems as a math teacher, I was always concerned of what would they might create. I was always shocked at how amazing these word problems would turn out! After creating a page of problems, they would pass these off to a friend and ask him/her to solve. I did tell the creator of the word problems that they had to know the answers so they could check the work of the other student.

I wanted to create this in black and white so that you could print it easily and print enough copies per child. Feel free to share this and pass it along.

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