Successful Student

This year, in hopes of being more positive, I created a Successful Student table.

On this table, I put a lamp plus some little trinket boxes that one of my students gave to me. I added a vase with daisies, because who doesn’t love daisies? Right?

I also gave the student a yoga ball to sit on. They had ample space with which to work and plenty of room for their notebooks and/or supplies. Plus, they don’t have to share this space with anybody!

I also put the students’ names on little placards that I found at Dollar Tree.

I usually make it a really big deal when choosing these students. Mind you, this is not a classroom job. These students were hand-picked by me. I would also tell the class why I chose that particular student.

Whether they were chosen for their great leadership skills, being kind to others, helping in the classroom, working well in a group, etc. Really any reason could be given to be chosen as the Successful Student.

It is a very coveted spot in my room and I hope you’ll consider doing the same. ~ Whit

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