A Pinterest Classroom on a Teacher Budget

So, I’m about to get on my soapbox. I love Pinterest. I really do! It is such a fun place to get ideas, but sometimes I feel like my work is unworthy of posting on Pinterest.

This year I have decided that my creations may not just be phenomenal, but we do live primarily on a teacher’s budget.

I am not one of these teachers that will go out and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on my classroom. If you have the kind of money to spend like that then go for it, but I would assume most people live a middle-class life like my family and I do.

So, how can you have a Pinterest-worthy classroom on a teacher’s budget?

Get creative! Let me give you some examples.

I had a dear friend bring me this cut-out of a Mason jar left-over from her daughter’s wedding. She knew that I was trying to create a farmhouse theme this year and she thought I would enjoy having this.

Boy, was she right! I went to Wal-Mart and bought an off-white and gray acrylic paint, a large magnolia, and black stick-on letters. (My mom gave me the twine.)

I painted the entire jar off-white and then painted the top of the jar gray. I sprinkled the top in glitter that my mom had at her house. I tied the twine underneath the lid and then glued on the magnolia. I placed the letters on the jar once I finished everything else. Those letters were amazing! My dad cut me some wire and now it’s hanging on my classroom door.

Surely you know somebody who could cut you an object out of wood. Just paint it and decorate it and you have a beautiful door decoration.

Another cheap way to decorate your classroom is to get posters. I always go to Hobby Lobby to check out their poster selection. Last year I bought several inspirational posters for $1. That “Welcome” poster hanging above my door cost only $0.75. It is always worth going to Hobby Lobby before school starts to see what they have on sale.

I showed you in another post how I made these organizers to keep pens and other writing utensils off my desk.

My mom gave me that key organizer and I use it every year in my classroom. That “S” sign sitting on top of it was given to me by a student a few years ago.

That bulletin board paper is that “Better Than Paper” that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I love that stuff! I got the Mint Painted Wood. It is really beautiful when it’s hung up on the wall.

I hope I showed you a few ways to keep your budget low but your room amazing when decorating your classroom. Try to focus on what you enjoy and don’t get too caught up on having to recreate these highly expensive classrooms.

Oh, and ask people if you can have things for free. I have gotten lots of items discounted and even for free because I told people I was a teacher and would use the items for my classroom.

Hope this helps! Keep in touch and let me know what you have created for cheap or FREE. ~ Whitney

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