“Welcome Back” to School Cards – Farmhouse Style (FREE)

I cannot believe that our Meet the Teacher night is NEXT WEEK! I must confess that I am moving classrooms this year and I have stuff EVERYWHERE! I am going up there today just to clean off some desks.

Yesterday, though, I sat down and focused on some priorities for me this year. All the bulletin boards, decorations, etc. will come over time, but what is most important to me is starting off the year by building relationships with my students and their families.

Every year at Meet the Teacher Night, I try to remember to give my parents a card to fill out for their child. I then put these cards on student desks the first day of school. This reminds them that their parent is supporting them and sometimes helps to ease those “First Day of School” Jitters.

This year I was DETERMINED to not let that sweet moment pass me up with all the craziness that happens beforehand. So, I sat down yesterday and made these cards.

I printed these at first but realized they took a long time to go through the printer. They use a lot of ink. Isn’t the background gorgeous? I got that white fence and that greenery off Teachers Pay Teachers.

My plan is to have these printed and ready for parents to fill out the night of Meet the Teacher. What if you have parents who don’t show? Then you get the opportunity to fill some out! My mom will be helping me complete some this year and I may ask some church members to fill some out as well. (I have 80+ kids this year and want to make sure they all receive one.)

I chose to print the smaller ones. They take up less ink and you can print more per sheet. I used white Cardstock to print these and then just cut them.

Another way I could see these cards being used throughout the year is if you’ve had a student gone for a long time. Students could fill out a card welcoming this student back to class. Let’s think….FLU SEASON! Yes, that would be a great time to get these back out.

I printed everything front and back. Make sure the setting on your printer shows less white space around the edges. I also found that printing multiple copies on my printer made the front image slide down. So, I printed one at a time.

So, don’t just think that they can only be used at the beginning of the year. They can be used ALL YEAR LONG!

Plus, right now they’re FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Grab ’em up and make sure to comment how you plan on using these cards. I would love to hear your ideas.

Have a happy beginning if I don’t hear from you before school begins and remember that building relationships is KEY!

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