Yesterday’s Coupon Organizer…Today’s Teacher Organizer

Howdy, y’all. So, for some reason this year I am all about teacher hacks and trying to save myself money.

I wanted to share this easy tip for making an organizer for your board or filing cabinet (really anything magnetic).

I took a coupon organizer. You can find these anywhere: Target Dollar Spot, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, etc. Don’t pay over $1 for these! They are super cheap.

There is usually a little Rubberband tie in the front to help it close. I just easily pulled this out (look at the back and you’ll see how to pull it out without cutting it).

I then cut off the top flap of the organizer. I wanted something easy for my kids to be able to take cards out quickly and put them back in without the worries of opening and closing something.

I then flipped it on the back and put on two rectangular magnets. I don’t know where to buy these because a teacher actually left these for us when she retired. I would say to buy them at some place like Michael’s where you can use a coupon. I plan on buying more because I am using them for everything this year.

What do I plan on doing with this organizer? I created verb cards for my students to use when writing the “I Can” statement on my board. I will keep the cards in this organizer so that they are easily accessible.

I plan on at least adding a label to the front of the organizer. I like that it has several flaps on the inside allowing me the opportunity to label each of those as well if I wanted.

Here it is hanging on my board.

What could you do with an organizer like this?

Do your kids use sight words? What about calendar dates and months? Do you ever use cards to draw names or put numbers in here that you could call out during a lesson (instead of popsicle sticks).

I can think of all sorts of way to use this organizer. Can you? Leave a comment with a photo telling us one way you were able to use this in class.

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