Spring Break has ENDED!

Can you believe that spring break has ended? How does it come and go so quickly? We spent most of the week at my parent’s house and it was FABULOUS! I don’t know about you, but having a week off from doing dishes, cleaning the house, not working on grad school homework, or having to cook for people makes for a phenomenal week!!! My parents definitely spoil us.

Here’s a quick look into our Spring Break.

I started off the week having to get my hair chopped off because I tried cutting my split ends off and royally messed up my hair. Actually, I thought things were going well with my at-home haircut until I remembered that I can’t use scissors with left hand. I actually can’t do anything, but play the piano, with my left hand. Oops…Anyways, I thought it turned out fabulous and it will be nice to have something short for the hot summer here in Texas.

This is where I spend most of my time when we are at my parent’s house – the backyard. I love looking at what my dad has planted and see the beauty in nature. Plus it is so quiet in their backyard. My favorite is when his garden really gets going and he has a million plants growing out there. I just look and dream of the things I could grow if I had a green thumb or time. He is definitely a master gardener.

(You can’t see this in the photo, but they have a deck that my dad built. That is by far my favorite reading spot.)

Something we love to do out on the back porch, or deck, is play Spoons. Oh my goodness have we had some stories to tell about Spoons. Not sure if you’ve ever played, so let me set up the game for you. Everybody gets (4) cards each. All the extra cards go to a player where you start passing them out one at a time. You keep passing out cards until somebody has 4 of a kind.

When that happens that person is going to grab a spoon. When one person starts grabbing, you better get to grabbin’ or they will all be gone and you’ll be out. Not only can pride be a little hurt in this game but you can be physically hurt as well; especially if you’re playing with someone who has nails or will fight you down to the ground for a spoon. It’s great fun!

Something you MUST do at my parent’s house is pet their cat – Callie. She was a stray that stumbled into their lives a couple of years ago. She loves my parents. They call her a diva.

She has a certain chair that she has to sit in while in the kitchen with a cushion in it (when she’s not sitting on the kitchen table). She has her blankets. She has a chair back in my dad’s office just for her. She has a certain place on the couch where she has to sit and watch the neighbors. Diva? I think not. This cat rules the house!

My parent’s think I’m jealous of her, but what do I have to be jealous of? I mean did we get to sit on the kitchen table or on the back of the couch when we were kids? Nope. But that’s okay…what Callie wants, Callie gets:)

Callie, the diva kitty, sitting on my bed.

We also took exciting trips to places like Lowe’s, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Best Buy again, and Wal-Mart again. I was in search of a new printer that some amazing TPTer’s told me about (the HP Envy) which I wound up ordering on Amazon.

We were at Lowe’s looking for paint samples. I am getting excited because we are getting ready to put siding on our house soon and I need some exterior color themes. I will share that story in another post. It is definitely a God story.

I know I want a navy blue door and shutters. I think the main exterior paint should be close to white since it’s such a small house – I hope to make it look bigger with the paint color we choose. SUCH A HARD DECISION! I am dreaming of getting barn doors to replace our garage doors. (Crossing my fingers on that one.)
I just had to snag this photo of my 13-year-old (on the left) trying to hold hands with my dad. Drew is in the back holding Pam-Pam who slept most of the time while on our trip. Lucky bear!

We ended our week with going fishing at Tyler State Park. It was crazy windy and cold. Just the night before there were very heavy rains and 60-100 mph wind in most areas of East Texas. We saw several trees blown over onto the road on our way to East Texas. Please pray for these families who were affected by this storm.

Needless to say, it was wonderful just being out in the sunshine watching my guys fish. We caught nothing (not even a bite) but it was amazing just to be outdoors and see the beauty of an Artist at work with his masterpiece (creation). Loved every minute of it!

I can’t believe Spring Break has officially come to an end. Now it’s back to reality of entering grades, completing lesson plans, working on grad school homework, etc. etc. etc.

I hope you had a marvelous Spring Break as well. I’d love to hear about it.

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