I’ve Been to the Mountaintop

Today we celebrate the life and history of Martin Luther King, Jr.  What a man!

When I get back to school on Tuesday I have an article ready for my students to read, but I also usually show them this video.  It still gives me chills to hear it.  It almost sounds like he knew this was going to be last night here on this earth and yet he’s at peace with it.

I have watched many biographies about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and I remember one in particular where his friends were talking about the night before this speech.  They said Dr. King was a very serious man.  But the night before his death he was trying to have a pillow fight with the guys in the hotel room and was acting very out of the ordinary.

To me it sounded like he was at peace with the fact that he was going to be leaving from here and joining his Savior.  You can even hear it in the speech when he says that he may not be joining them, the congregation, in the Promised Land.  He also says that it doesn’t matter to him what the future holds because he’s already been to the mountaintop.  That’s a lot coming from a man who always looked so tired and who’s life was threatened many times.  Here he was fighting daily for civil rights and he’s on the mountaintop because he’s doing the will of God.

One day I’ll be there at the Promised Land with him.  I can’t wait to meet Dr. King, shake his hand, and tell him Thank You.

What about you?  Will you be joining us in Heaven as we reach the True Mountaintop?

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