Want Something FREE On My Birthday?

My birthday is TODAY.  I won’t share my age with you, but just believe me when I say it’s somewhere near 29.  I’m pretty sure?!?  Yeah, that’s right!  The cool thing is that God blessed me with a twin brother whom I get to share my birthday with every year.  Isn’t he adorable?

Halloween – Raggedy Ann and Andy

The funny part is that my brother and I look nothing alike.  Nothing.  I am very pale-skinned with green eyes and he is very dark-skinned with beautiful brown eyes.  The boy can tan in the winter and I burn in the summer.  Sickening, isn’t it?

When we were in the 9th grade we had to move high schools because my dad became a pastor that year.  Of course we didn’t know anybody at the high school and one day some girls came up to me and said, “So did you move here with your boyfriend?”  You should’ve seen the look on my face.  First it was a look of confusion like “Who are they talking about?”  then there was this look of disgust until I realized they were talking about my brother.  He drove me to school every day so this must’ve been where the lack of confusion began.  Plus he was handsome and still is:)  I said all of that to prove that we look nothing alike.

Just take note that if you get us in a room together there will be LOTS of talking.  And it will be LOUD.  And you will be LOST because you will have no idea what we’re saying because we can finish each other’s sentences.  So, note to self.  Don’t ever associate yourself with us when we’re together.  Just put us off in a room somewhere, alone, where we can talk without any interruptions.  Thanks!

I think our hats were on wrong:)

So, anyways, birthdays are always a lot of fun and I know you’re wondering what any of this has to do with getting free stuff on your birthday.  Well, nothing, but I thought you would enjoy a little history about my life.

Every year I receive emails from my favorite places to shop or eat trying to persuade me to come into their store and shop on my birthday.  Just last week I received a $5 off coupon from Maurice’s.  I only have to purchase $5 worth of product to activate this coupon.

I just opened my email yesterday and saw another $5 coupon but this one was for Charming Charlie’s.  Again, I only have to purchase $5 worth of product and I will get everything for free.

This year I also got a free bundtlet sent to my email from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Plus I received a $5 e-gift card to use at Blue Baker’s and I get $5 from Ibotta for every friend who signs up under my link.

I will get a free dessert offer from Chili’s and Origins, one of my faves, will send me a $10 coupon when I purchase $25 worth of product.  So probably nothing for free from Origins, but it still makes for some great savings.  Ibotta is one of my all-time favorite money-saving apps that sends cash straight to my checking account.  Love that part!

So, how do I get all these great offers?  I had to sign up for their email list.  If you want freebies, you will have to do the same.  Find your favorite store online and make sure that they have your mailing address and email address.  I bring up mailing address because there could be a chance that you could receive something through the mail on your birthday.

These places will ask when your birthday is and once you load that information you will start receiving your freebies as well.

Another great way to get things for free on your birthday is to use Shopkick while you’re out shopping.  It’s so easy to just scan products and watch your rebates accrue all within the app.  When you reach a certain amount of kicks, you will be able to purchase a gift card for certain stores and then hopefully get some free items.

The great thing about my birthday being in January is that I go shopping for after Christmas items.  I once went to Penney’s and found a pair of nice boots marked down on clearance and then used a $10 gift card received from Shopkick and I think I only paid around $12.00 for the boots.  Love it!

Here’s the fun part!  I always tell my husband that I should get a gift on his birthday.  I’m totally joking, of course.  But I’m not joking when I tell you that today you can receive my book “The Couponer’s Classroom” for absolutely free on Amazon.  The only catch is that you have to download it today and you will only receive the Kindle version for free.

After you finish reading the book, it won’t take you long, please leave a review on Amazon.  Thanks!  

So, tell your friends.  Share this out and make sure that everyone knows they can receive my book for free today only.

Happy Birthday to me.

You get something free.

If you want it you have to download…

For today OWN-LEE.

Tune:  Happy Birthday

(totally just made that up in my head).

Hope you have a wonderful new year.  It’s going to be a great one and God Bless!  Whitney


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