The Best Birthday Gift for Your Child

Today is my oldest child’s 12th birthday.  Man, where does the time go?  I simply can’t fathom that I’m about to have a teenager in my house.  Plus we’re already buying him the same size shoe that his daddy wears and over Christmas we were hunting in the men’s department for clothes.  That’s just shocking!


Let me tell you the story of giving birth to Eli.  Obviously he was my firstborn and I knew nothing about having babies.  Nothing.  I apparently never drank enough water because every time I would go to see my doctor she would always say, “You’re not drinking enough water.”  My response, “That’s all I drink.  I’m in the bathroom constantly.”


Well, I found out during that pregnancy that I am part camel and part woman.  My body requires more water than the average person.  Currently I am drinking 8-10 bottles of water every day just to please the camel side of me.


Back to the story.  Because of my lack of water I wound up going into the hospital the week of Thanksgiving back in 2005.  The nurses didn’t think they were going to be able to stop the contractions and preparing to send us to Austin or Houston since our area did not have a NIC-unit at that time.  God is good and merciful.  The contractions eventually stopped but I was told that I had to be on bedrest until this baby came.


We had another scare during the week of Christmas and I was for sure he was coming in 2005.  I even bought a Christmas ornament with a baby in a basket and the sign said “2005” so he had to come then, right?  Wrong!  He was born January 2, 2006.  Of course Greg was hoping that he would be born on January 1st so we could win a new car, which we found out later doesn’t even exit anymore, but that didn’t happen either.


When I laid eyes upon this beautiful baby that I held within my stomach for nine months I was elated.  I found out while being pregnant with him that the two of you form a bond that is indescribable.  When you hear their little hiccups and feel them moving around you know this is for real and a baby is coming.


This past Christmas had me thinking a lot about our boys and I had to remind myself that my babies had a parent way before I came along.  Their Heavenly Father.  He created Eli.  He was with him every step of the way and loved him so much.  He made a way for him to be born.  Then this caused me to think of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


After Jesus was born, he was visited by three wise.  They brought him gifts.  The best kinds of gifts.  Not those gifts you hate like a pair of black socks or boxers with hearts all over them given to you by your mother:)


The gold was given to represent royalty, frankincense was a fragrance, and myrrh was an ointment used for burial.  They all resembled Christ, but to me they were something more.  They were a kind of first fruit.  These wise men brought the best that they had and even though everything belongs to God, they gave it back to Him through His Son, Jesus.


This caused me to start thinking about my children.  They are the best part of me.  Yeah, my husband is really great, but these children were created and grew inside of me.  They are the best part of me.  So, I have decided to give them back to their true Creator.  I prayed a prayer this past year and just simply said, “God, their Yours.  Use them as You best know how and keep watch over them.  They belong to You.  Protect them and comfort them during those dark times.  Use them for your service.”


This is scary for someone who likes to control everyone and everything around her.  It’s hard to just give your children over to God when you don’t have the entire plan laid out in front of you and you’re not sure what you’re asking.  But above all, I know that God loves them more than I ever could and I know He will use them in a mighty way to serve others.  I challenge you to do the same in this New Year.  Give your children over to God and stand back to see what great things He has done.


If you have never read the account of the three wise men, I recommend reading Matthew 2.  It is a very detailed account of what happened.  Just click the link and feel free to comment on what you got out of it.

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