The Couponer’s Classroom

“I don’t have time for them.”
“You only spend them on stuff you don’t need anyways.”
“They don’t help me save that much money.”


What if Whitney Sparks were to tell you that all of these are myths when it comes to using coupons?


Coupons have saved her family thousands of dollars for household products that she uses every day and it only takes as much time as she allows; which is one hour a week.

Whitney started using coupons as a homemaker when her husband was laid off from his job for over 7 months. She has continued this money saving process even while working full-time outside the home. Coupons can be utilized for any situation.

Plus coupons can help you become a better manager of your money. When Whitney was a home-maker she wasn’t able to bring in a lot of money but realized then that she could save them a lot of money.


Using coupons allowed her and her family to save money and pay down debt with the extra that they weren’t using. It feels pretty great being DEBT-FREE! Now her husband and she are both earning full-time salaries and she still spends around $100/week on food, toiletries, make-up, shaving products, etc. using coupons. Doing this allows them to have fun with their money and save for retirement instead of eating away our life savings.

In the book, “The Couponer’s Classroom” Whitney Sparks teaches you how to make coupons work around you and your family. Everything that she has written about in this book, she has done herself or heard about from others while teaching coupon classes. In other words, she is not trying to sell you on something that she read about or watched on television.

Whitney makes using coupons easy and fun. She may seem extreme to some, but she feels like she is just a normal girl looking to save her family money. Aren’t we all?

The strategies that Whitney teaches in this book have taken her years to master. The great part is that you get all of these strategies in one simple read.

So, pull up a desk and stay a while. “Good morning, students. My name is Mrs. Sparks. Welcome to “The Couponer’s Classroom.”

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