Have Yourself a Creative Christmas!

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I was excited to hear two of my clients talk about Christmas this week and ways to cut some costs.  I love it that they both are working hard on being creative and thinking outside the box to save money around Christmastime.

Last week I wrote about preparing for Christmas and not waiting until the last minute to set aside money.  I like it when Dave Ramsey says “Oh, wow!  Christmas came in December this month!!!”

It should be no surprise that it’s going to hit at the same time every year.  We are the ones who are ill-prepared for this upcoming holiday.

Since we tend to wait until the last minute we are going to pay higher prices and probably charge everything on a credit card.

Well, what if you didn’t have to do that this year?  What if this was your year of change?  Instead of starting off the new year (2013) in debt, why not slack off a little in your spending and think of ways to cut back just like my clients.


Think about things that you might already have around your house that someone else could enjoy.

One year around Christmas, I was given a teapot from a friend.  Sure it’s just a teapot, but it means the world to me.  It’s not just any teapot – there are memories wrapped up inside that teapot.

When my husband and I were getting married, my mom surprised me by giving me a recipe box that my Pee-Paw made and gave it to my Mee-Maw.  It even has the initial of my maiden name engraved on the top.

Again, this was nothing that my mom purchased, but to me it is priceless.  There is no amount of money that could ever afford that recipe box as far as I’m concerned.

Something I have done in the past is take things out of my stockpile.  I have gotten a lot of freebies through the use of coupons.  This takes nothing from me but maybe the purchase of a basket and time.

I go through my upstairs closet and take out what I think someone could use.  Place those items in a nice basket or tub, put a little tissue paper and a card.  This makes for a nice gift.  Especially when there have been times that I get expensive body wash, jewelry, or perfume for really cheap or free.


Are you good at sewing or making things?

One year my sister-in-law made us a tree skirt, ornaments, pillows, etc. that were all home-made.  I still have those things in my garage and use them every year.

Last Christmas I made a home-made sugar scrub.  I loved using this product on my own so I decided to make some to share with my family.  This made for a nice gift when it came to co-workers.

What about giving a newly married couple the gift of home-made laundry detergent or a product that they could actually use and not just toss in a closet somewhere?

Be creative.  Have fun and enjoy the holiday season.  It will be over before you know it.  Don’t use this time of year to max out your credit cards and then stress about all the money spent.  Enjoy this time with your family without the worry of money.

Are you prepared for Christmas?  Share with us some ideas that you use to save money every year.

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  1. Thanks for this post ! I need to start planning early this year as I am making a real effort to remain frugal for the first time. And homemade beauty products is a GREAT idea, definitely using that !!

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