I Eat Like a Broke College Student

You may find this shocking, but I LOVE TO EAT!  If I’m ever asked what I want to do for my birthday, the answer is always the same…go out to eat.

Sometimes eating out is not a choice.  Moms are having to run kids here and there.  Students have to get back to class or stay up late studying.  Dads work a shift or job that doesn’t allow for much of  a lunch break.

Well, I have some great news.  I am going to share with you how you can save money and still eat out.   Here are some things that I have done just this week that has allowed me to eat out 3 times for FREE.

#1.  Social media can be HUGE when saving you money on food.  Join your favorite restaurants on Facebook so that you can keep up with the latest coupons, deals, or freebies at your favorite dine-in.

#2.  Go to the websites of your favorite eateries and enter your email address.  I did this recently when eating at Blue Baker and a few weeks I received a coupon for a free signature pizza.  I ate last night for free and saved $15.



#3.  Buy one of those cards from your local band, cheerleaders, schools, wherever that have the Buy 1 Get 1 free deals.  I love these!  The kids at church know how much I use coupons and they will always hit me up to buy one.  These usually cost about $10 but I can get my money back after my first purchase.

#4.  Look for these booklets.  They can be found at college campuses, bookstores, etc.  Again, great coupons and this booklet is FREE.

college coupons


#5.  Look for mailers from local eateries that are close by.  We live across from a Freddy’s and received a mailer telling us when they were having $1 hot dogs and ice-cream.

#6.  Sign up for texts.  I just signed up to receive texts from Chick-Fil-A by sending the word SOCO to 411247.  Hopefully something good will come out of that!  I also receive texts from Sonic telling me when they have $1 deals or when something is on sale.  We scored some awesomely, amazing waffle cones last week for .50 each.  You can sign up for texts with Sonic by clicking here.


#7.  Lastly you can sign up under my blog to keep up with the latest freebies.  I have on my page titled FREEBIES or you can follow me on Facebook at Savvy School of Savings.

So, I know I missed something?  What was it?  Feel free to tell me how you score food for free…legally.

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