Coupons 101 for Beginners (video)

Hey, guys.  Here’s a video I created to better help serve you.  Before you watch the video, just know that I have been where you are with saving money.


When Greg and I were first married I took a stab at using coupons and was able to save us anywhere from .50 – $1 per shopping trip.  I kept wondering why I tried saving us money in this area and felt VERY overwhelmed.


Then I attended a MOPS meeting where I heard a lady speak on coupons and I then learned what I was doing wrong.  I was not waiting to use my coupons on that already low price.  I was just using them as soon as I got them.

Now I’m starting to learn that if I will just wait and be patient, then a sale or clearance price will hit and then I can stack that coupon onto that already low price.


This is how I save us 40% – 50% every time I walk into the store.  This helps me stay within my $100/week budget.  I hope this helps you as much as it as helped me and feel free to leave a comment or contact me with your questions.


Need help remembering your all-time low price and keeping track of pricing?  Feel free to purchase a price list that I created for you.  Enjoy!  





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