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If you are looking for extra cash and don’t know where to find it then I can help you!  I have learned that groceries are one of the few line items on your budget that is variable.  It can change to be lower or higher unlike your phone bill.  You could always lower a bill by having it completely cut out but that was not always feasible for Greg and I.  So I started using coupons to lower our grocery bill drastically.


At one point we looked at our checkbook and for a family of two we were spending $700 on food a month.  Most of that was from eating at restaurants.  We cut that bill in half when I started using coupons and now we live on a $400 budget per month  for a family of four.  There have been times that that number has been as low as $300 for our family, but now I am at the point where I want our family eating healthy, well-balanced meals.



I am charging an extremely LOW price of only $10.

This price includes a FREE autographed copy of my book

“The Couponer’s Classroom”.  

The Couponer'sClassroom 2


* In order to pay $10, you must pay online; whether the class is in town or online.  The charge is $15 at the door.




I would like to set aside at least 1 1/2 hours.



Here’s the fun part!  I can host the class at my house, we can meet up at a  location that’s convenient for you, I can attend your small group, or I can come to your church to talk with a group of people within our area.



Then let’s Hagout!   All you will need is a computer, microphone, and speakers.  If you’ve already got these items then you’re ready to Hang-Out with me!

Through there I can show you my PowerPoint and you can ask questions as we go.



Everybody!  My mission is to get the word out about coupons and start sharing my success.  I don’t want to keep this a secret all to myself any longer.


So, don’t wait…contact me as soon as possible.


Here’s what others are saying…

[testimonial author = “Kristine”]Hey Whitney!  I just wanted to send you a quick email. I went on my biweekly shopping trip and today we saved $18 – wow! I know this is just the beginning and I am really anxious to see how much I can save and get our grocery total down so we can focus on other things.  Your class was awesome and I am taking advantage of all the wonderful tips you mentioned![/testimonial] [testimonial author = “Arlene”]Whitney taught a couponing class to a group of local ladies in my area on Friday night at my home and it was wonderful. She was so knowledgeable and professional. I have heard lots of great feedback from the women who attended.[/testimonial] [testimonial author = “Laura”]I just couponed my heart out at HEB and saved 40 bucks! Thank you for all of the information! What a price difference.  I just paid less than what I often pay for 1 week of groceries for TWO weeks worth![/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Melissa”]Whitney, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of how to coupon effectively. I used to waste my time with a coupon or two here and there and didn’t believe that it was worth my time. That’s because I didn’t know the right way to do it! You showed us the way to maximize my coupon use, using the ads and specials combined with them. I once saved $38 on one transaction! It really helps me stretch my grocery dollars for my family. I am grateful for your class. Thank you for being such a blessing! [/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Erin”]What a blessing to have Whitney come into my life. I used to spend between $80-$100 a week for groceries. With Whitney’s guidance and knowledge, I have been able to knock my grocery bill down to $40-$60 a week. Sunday mornings are set aside for coupon clipping. Thank you Whitney for your support and encouragement! [/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Shannon”]I went to CVS today with some of the coupons my mom sent me.

Crest Pro-enamel Original $4.79

                     On sale for $3.39
                      Coupon for .25 off
                     Extrabucks $2.00
                  Total – $1.14
           I got 2 which was the limit and I have $4 in Extrabucks now
Olay products were buy one get one 50% off and I also had $3 off any 2 olay products coupon.
I got my lotion which was $10.79 and makeup remover which was $5.99.
So the remover was $2.99 after the 50% off and the coupon took off $3 so I basically got the makeup remover for free which purchase of the lotion.
That is my start. It took me a while in the store to figure out what was a good deal and I had to read and reread my coupons because I would miss something on them but overall it was a good trip and I am looking forward to more!
Thanks for your help[/testimonial]

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