How To Afford House Repairs When You’re Broke

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts lately, then you know that Greg and I have been working on our house after all this flooding in Texas destroyed our carpet.

The best feeling was to throw that carpet outside, but then you’re left with this thought of “What do we do next?”

Unfortunately, our carpet was not the only thing wrong with our house.  We also have water damage on our siding, single paned windows, and several other little repairs.


We asked my dad if thought we should take out a small loan and he had the best advice ever.  He said to just wait and pay in cash buying just a little at a time.

So, that’s our plan.  Every budget we set aside a little money for the house and we are planning on staying focused on paying for one task at a time.

We are always doing a lot of the work ourselves.  Since we’ve ripped up the carpet we are going to go ahead and just tear out the laminate as well.  We are renting a machine from Home Depot to help us conquer this task.

So instead of paying someone to take out our old flooring for us, we are just going to pay someone to lay down our tile.  I’m hoping to pay no more than $1,000 for new flooring on our downstairs.

Do you think we can stay within $1,000 flooring budget?  Feel free to comment and let us know what you think…

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