10 Ways for Your Kids To Stay Cool This Summer and Still Have Fun

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If you are from just about anywhere around the globe, then you are probably experiencing a very hot summer so far.  It’s always hot in Texas so every summer I have to be creative when trying to entertain two kids at home.  So, I decided to make a list of some ways that you can keep your family cool while living on a budget.

1.  Splashpads – We usually hit the splashpads in our town every summer because they’re free.  They seem to get more crowded throughout the day so we usually try to get there early.

2.  Slip ‘N Slide – A Slip ‘N Slide is usually something that you can find really cheap in the stores.  I think I have seen them for $5 or less.  We had one a few years ago and we got it out just about every week.  It allowed me to stay home and not have to pack a bag to leave the house.

3.  Gym – I am currently able to  work-out at a local gym for FREE.  My husband had a gift certificate given to him from work for a 6-month membership.  Although, you may not have this luxury there might be an opportunity where you can go for free.  Our gym is running a special where you can bring in a family member for free one week this summer.  If you know of someone that has a membership, they may have some free passes.  Our gym provides a daycare service (which I take full advantage of:).  When I go get the kids, we then head out to the pool or to the hot tub.  We go almost every day because it’s less crowded.

4.  Children’s Museum – I have heard of a lot of museums in different parts of Texas that are well worth going to.  Check your area and see if you have a Children’s Museum.  We have one that just costs $5, but I can usually find a B1G1 free coupon.  I have found these at a pizza place here in town.  My kids could stay all day in the Children’s Museum if I would let them.

5.  Parks – We have some great parks in our area, but I really like the ones that provide shade for the kids.  I will drive further just to get to a park where there’s shade.

6.  Library – The library is also a great resource when trying to beat the heat.  Our local libraries have several events for kids going on this summer.  The other day we showed up just to get a prize for the kid’s reading log and they were showing a movie.  So we stayed a little longer than planned just to have movie and popcorn.

7.  Concerts – Something else that our city does for free is provide family concerts on Saturday nights.  This is outdoor, but they usually wait to start until about 6 or 7.  Check out your area to see if they might offer the same thing.

8.  Reading Clubs – I mentioned this earlier with the library, but we have several bookstores in town that are now promoting reading clubs.  If you signed up for several, this might really keep your kids busy and keep them motivated to read this summer.

9.  Swimming Pool – Heading out to the pool is always a great idea.  I actually just bought a small pool for my kids to use at the house because the majority of our pools don’t open until after lunch.  By then it’s so hot that we don’t want to get out.  One lady I talked to this week said that the pools usually charge around $3 per kid.

10.  Movies – Every summer both of our movie theaters have certain days of the week where they show a $1 movie.  They usually start around 9:30 or 10:00, but it’s nice that we can take in sippy cups and our own snacks.

What did I forget?  Please comment below and tell us how you keep your kids busy during the summer.




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