Inspiration from the Heart

“The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will be watered himself.” 
Proverbs 11:25

One thing that I have learned throughout my financial journey is that you have to be a giver.  At the very top of our budget is the word “Giving”.  The first thing that comes out of our paychecks is a bi-weekly tithe to our church.

I have often taught people that if you can’t afford to give in that moment then quit giving temporarily.  Then I read the book “Taming the Money Monster” by Ron Blue and it says to never quit giving of your tithe.  That really made me rethink what I had been teaching.

When we were first trying to find a way through our financial mess, a financial advisor suggested that we quit tithing as an option to find extra money.   I thought he brought up a good point when he said that he and his wife started giving their tithe in other ways.  They started spending time with people and giving some of their possessions away instead of their money.  I have given things out of my stockpile when I could not afford to hand people cash.

Either way, you need to make sure that you are a giving person and your heart needs to remain open to this idea.  I don’t think you should be doing this just to get something in return, but I think it makes us remember our place and where we came from.  We need to remember our humble beginnings and realize that all of that money is God’s in the first place.  What would he want us to do with that money?

I read on a blog once that a lady’s husband was trying to think of a different way every day to be a blessing to someone he came in contact with.  How inspiring!  That is definitely a giving heart that remembers his place as a Christian.

As a side note…

Just remember that if you are giving to “receive” that the Bible never tells us that God will give to you monetarily.  He doesn’t promise that just because you give money towards His work that He will give you money in return.  He  may bless you in another way.

Share how you will be a more giving person this week.  Tell me your beliefs about paying tithe versus tithing in other ways.

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