25 Ways to Save $25 a week

One thing that I often hear from so many people who are in debt is that they have nothing in savings.  Here are some quick tips telling you some ways to save $100/month.  Here they are…



Use coupons when shopping.


Lower your heat or raise your air during the day while at work.


Don’t go shopping when you are hungry.


Get Netflix.  That seems to be the latest trend in television!


Shop only sales while grocery shopping and eat what’s on sale for the week.


Plan for cheap entertainment.  We go to the movies at least once a month since it’s only $4.25/matinee.


Limit your eating out to once a week.


Look around town for free events for your family.


Shop online garage sales by joining a Facebook group.


Cook slow cooker meals.  If you don’t have a slow cooker, buy one!  My crockpot has saved me time and money.


Sell something – anything – on a (you guessed it!) Facebook group.


Use Shopkick to get giftcards automatically sent to your I-Phone and use them in stores for FREE.


When you go out to eat, use coupons or choose a night where your kids can eat FREE.


For a cheap date, make dinner at home and order a movie from Redbox.


Pray before you enter the store that God would lead you towards the things you actually need and keep you away from junk that you want.


Try using cash.  I have 3 envelopes…food, gas, blow.   Easy way to start to save you a lot!


Shop around online to see if you can get a better deal than in the stores.


Use Ebates when shopping online to get money back.


Use a shopping app to get money back in the form of a rebate on your phone.


Buy your make-up at CVS or Walgreens.  Mark-downs are usually 50%-75% off.  Use coupons to score some for FREE.


Avoid Starbucks – or at least cutback.


Plan ahead for big purchases so that you are not constantly spending the money you’re trying to save.


Shop at a store like Kroger to get fuel points and save money on gas.


Buy toys during the months of July and September when they are marked down and create a birthday bucket.  This saves tons of money if you have little ones who are always invited to unexpected parties.


Shop for items out of season and always shop Clarence (which is what my kids call Clearance).


I’m sure I left something off my list.  What other ways are you able to save?






2 Comments on “25 Ways to Save $25 a week”

  1. yes! These are great! Using cash only (envelopes) saves us 20-30% each month! When we use our debit card we spend it like water. I love the idea to pray before you shop! Why didn’t I think of that?
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Lori, for the comment! We are the same way with debit cards. One time we owed about $120 in overdraft fees. Cash is definitely our friend. I always wondered if it was silly to pray before shopping, but have found out that there’s nothing “silly” when it comes to prayer. It really does work and keeps me focused on buying staples when I only have $20 left in my wallet.

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