Ways to Save on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air!  Can’t you just feel it?  Doesn’t this time of year just make you all oozy inside?


Well, just because you’re spending all of your time with the one you love doesn’t mean that you have to spend all of your hard-earned cash.


Here are some simple ways to say “I Love You” without breaking the pocketbook.


– Instead of spending money on a gift, get on Pinterest and create your own.


– Write love notes to your sweetie all week instead of buying a card.  You could even mail it or hide several cards somewhere in the house.  As we all know, cards can be very expensive this time of year!


– If you have some kind of musical talent, then create a love song to be sung to your sweetheart.


– One year, I went and had some photographs done at a studio where I was able to wear nice outfits and gave those to my sweetie.  But…you could do this for free if you have a digital camera and  a good friend to take the photos for you.


– I am thinking of making chocolate covered strawberries this year for Greg and taking them to his work.  The way to a man’s heart (they say) is through his stomach:)


– Shop at Dollar Tree.  Need I say more?


– One year for Valentine’s Greg left me this little surprise.  It was sweet.  And I love that I still have this pic of my 1st car.

photo 2


– Also, watch store prices closely.  Most stores in our area are already marking down merchandise by 20% or more and we still have a week to go.  As we get closer to the actual day, Valentine’s goodies may be marked down by 50%.  I have even been known to shop after Valentine’s sales and give my sweetheart something the day after just to save some money.  Can we say cheapskate?


– Don’t order flowers.  Go to a garage sale, find a vase, buy some flowers, and create your own beautiful bouquet.


– Do something spectacular with chocolate.  ANYTHING!


– Take a walk in the park at night.


– Instead of going out to eat, since the restaurants will be CRAZY, make a romantic candlelight dinner at home.


– You could check out a Redbox movie and make sure to look for coupon codes to score one for FREE.


– So, I sang at our wedding in 2001.  Greg found a copy of the song that I sung and he shot this photograph of the pages with rose petals falling on the grand piano.  It did take him a while to get the perfect shot, but I love this picture.  Don’t you?  Find something you’re good at doing, and make the most out of it!


photo 1


I’m sure I’ve left something off the list.  What did I leave off?




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