Ways to Make Money

I have often been asked how to find extra cash during either a hard financial time, when a mom chooses to stay home, or just to pay down debt quickly.

Here are some things that I have tried and would recommend to others.  Feel free to add to my list!

Part-Time Jobs

I once had a part-time job that I loved and was allowed to bring my child with me which saved on babysitting.  It never hurts to ask if you could do the same!  I even have a realtor friend who was able to take her infant to work until she was able to start daycare.

I have also subbed and tutored in schools to make money.  This worked well for me because I hold a teaching certificate but the pay may not be worth it in your area.

Another thing that I have done and enjoyed is using my talent of playing the piano to make money.  Although, I don’t believe in getting paid to play for other churches I have played for weddings and funerals when asked and made good money.  What talent do you have that would help you make a little extra cash?

In order to pay down some medical bills, my husband worked part-time at Pizza Hut.  I don’t recommend this unless you have a very strong family unit and you consider it to be a temporary job.  Working two jobs is really hard on a family.


My sister-in-law has introduced me to taking surveys.  I am currently working with I-Say and LOVE IT!  I thought I would also scan my purchases by using National Consumer Panel and didn’t realize how much time it takes.  I wound up sending all of the equipment back.  I am always getting request for Valued Opinions and Survey Scout but wasn’t very impressed.  I wasn’t able to build up my points as quickly as with I-Say.


Something else I have done in the past is sell items on E-Bay.  Unfortunately, I was never very good at figuring up the shipping and usually just broke even.  My mom, on the other hand, is great at finding items to put on E-Bay.  She always knew what was really hot.  Once she paid $5 for a Chatty Cathy doll at a garage sale and was able to make $325 on E-Bay.  Not bad:)


One thing that I tell everyone, is that I don’t believe in paying for work.  If a company is asking you to put money up front, you really need to do your research to make sure that it is worth the investment.  It doesn’t matter if it’s $100 or $1,000 – money is money.  When I quit working full-time to stay home, I thought I would invest in a multi-level marketing program and I regretted every minute of it.  I actually MADE more money spending my time using coupons and saving money at the store than I did with this program.  Be smart – it’s your money!

What other things have you done to make money on the side?  Please share…


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  1. If you have a CDL driver’s license, the schools always seem to be looking for bus drivers. Some drivers I know have other jobs. Substitute teachers are always in demand and it pays pretty well considering.

    I used to work for a company that did secret shops and it payed OK, but as Whitney stated if they want you to pay them in advance you may want to steer clear. The secret shops were very picky, they wanted you to order exactly what they stated on the sheet and if one thing was off they would not repay you for your initial purchase. (I did Sonic and Wendys)

    Good luck!

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