“Sell So Much Stuff the Kids Think They’re Next!”

Whitney Sparks "A Fearless Heart"

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes from Dave Ramsey.  I always remember this quote when I need cash.

See, when you finally make the important decision to stop buying everything on credit you have to be highly creative with your spending habits.

It’s really easy to just walk into a store, buy whatever you want, and then just swipe a card.  There’s nothing to it!  Until…the bill comes.  Then things aren’t all that peachy, are they?

When you have cash, you have to keep a close eye on how much you have and where it’s going.  I didn’t do so well with that this week.


So, I bought one of Dave Ramsey’s cute wallets to keep in my purse that has the envelope system inside of it.  This helps me to keep track of how much is coming and going.

For the last couple of months we have budgeted $200/bi-weekly for groceries.  Usually the word groceries mean more than just groceries (dogfood, toiletries, etc.)

Somehow I was able to spend $200 in about 3 days.  Don’t ask me how I did it.  I cannot even begin to tell you.

All I know is that last Friday we had $200 and on Monday of this week I literally had less than $10 left in the envelope.

So, how can I show you the money when I don’t even have it?


I am noticing that the more I’m in the stores that groceries seem to be sky-rocketing.  Is it just me?  Come on…please tell me that I’m not the only one seeing this.

Now I will say that in the endeavor of trying to get my family to become more fit I am buying fresh fruits and vegetables.  I have already stated that eating at home is less expensive than eating out but I’m wondering if they’re both not just through the roof!

Anyways, I’ll quit my griping and move on to the next point.  I think I just wrote all of that to use the big ‘ole excuse of how quickly I was able to blow through my money.


Yes, you read that correctly!  So, what can I do?

You can “sell so much stuff the kids think they’re next”.  My mind automatically starts thinking of what I can sale.

Usually I sale items that are just taking up space in our small house and not being played with.  This week I sold a few toys and then we realized that we did have a little extra money in our checking so I did have to pull from there just to get us through the next 1 1/2 weeks.

So, be creative when spending.  I can’t just go swipe a card that I don’t have.  I guess I could try swiping my Kroger card over and over in hopes that maybe one day it will pick up the tab for me, but it’s probably not going to happen.

I have to have actual dollars when I go to the store.  If I don’t have that money, then I think of fast ways to get cash.


What would you do (legally) if you were in my position and were in need of some extra cash fast?


5 Comments on ““Sell So Much Stuff the Kids Think They’re Next!””

  1. Groceries ARE going up–along with everything else it seems, everything except paycheck!!!! I used cash at the grocery the other day for the first time-I went over $8, but I thought that was pretty good!! I want to start doing that more. We’re in need of some extra cash right now, so looking around to see what I can sell!!! I do have a car sitting in the driveway that needs to be sold–praying and believing a buyer comes today!

    1. That car would be a HUGE blessing! I hope that happens for you. I will be praying for a buyer today. If nothing else, can you sell it for parts? We are looking at doing that with our Altima. Our car is dead, though, and in bad shape but the guy will drive it off our lot for us. Last time we had Greg’s Oldsmobile towed away but we were paid $250. Not bad for a car that wouldn’t run.

  2. I usually put CVS in the budget under groceries. It really depends on how much I’m spending. If I see some moisturizer or diapers then I might put it under “Blow”. I would do this because things like diapers are stuff that I would use for a baby shower anyways. They’re not something that I use at the house. Usually when I shop at CVS I give myself a limit on how much I’m going to spend OOP (out of pocket). That number is usually $5 or less.

  3. EXACTLY what you did. Start selling. I have a couple auctions on eBay for extra cash for the month. One is a 10-year old video camera that I have been meaning to sell for a while — Hoping it brings in $100+ (it’s at $80 now, with about a day left). There were some stray expenses this month that I wanted to cushion,so figured that would be some quick cash.

    Also, I HAVE noticed groceries going up. I actually notice it now when my usual staples increase in price (I never did before, in my credit cards days, lol). Specifically: Sugar in the Raw, Activia yogurt, Target brand liter-bottle mouth wash, canned mushrooms —ALL these things have gone up lately. Annoying 😛

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