Eating Out vs. Staying In

Eating out is something that I truly love.  My husband has learned throughout the years that eating out is a gift that I love to receive.  I enjoy sitting down to a nice meal at Olive Garden, talk with my husband (without being interrupted), and take in the atmosphere.  But when I look at how much money can be saved from going home as opposed to going out to eat it causes me to have a different perspective on eating out.

Food is a Line Item on your Budget That is Variable

When working on our budget every month food is about the only line item that can change.  It is hard to change your electric bill unless you want to go without electricity for a few months (which I refuse to do in Texas!).  We have noticed that food is the easiest item to add to or take away from when you are looking for some extra cash.  So, think twice before using your money to just go grab a quick bite somewhere.

Eating at Home Saves Money

There was one point in our pre-budgeting marriage that we thought we would look in our checkbook to see how much money we were spending on food.  (I’m sure this was a time when we were needing extra money and didn’t know where else to look.)  What we found out was astonishing!  We were spending around $700 a month on food to feed two people.  I’m not sure how long this pattern continued (again – this was our marriage before we had a budget), but if you multiply that times 12 months that would equal $8,400 a year.  So, eating at home is an easy choice because it saves money.

Left-Overs Make More Sense (or is it Cents?)

It makes more sense to just go to the store and grab a bite than always heading out to a restaurant.  There are many nights when you will come home exhausted and don’t feel like cooking a big meal.  When you feel like just stopping through a drive-thru, keep driving.  Stop in at your local grocery store and go grab a Rotisserie chicken or a frozen lasagna.  This proves to make more “cents” because you then have left-overs that can be taken for lunches the next day or eaten as a meal tomorrow night.

Tell the Kids to “Zip It, Happy Meal!”

Dave Ramsey shares a heart-breaking story in his series, Financial Peace University, of a single mother who has had a horrible day.  Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  So, on the way home she heard the kids in the back screaming, “McDonald’s! McDonald’s!”.  She pulled into a local ATM, pulled out $20 to buy Happy Meals, and it wound up costing her $150 in overdraft fees.  Heart-breaking!  So, when you hear the kids screaming, “McDonald’s! McDonald’s!” just turn around and say “Zip it, Happy Meal!  It’s not in the budget!!!”


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  2. This has been our first, huge sacrifice. I am like you — I LOVE going out to eat. LOVE. Now, 99.9% of the meals are at home. Huge difference, but it keeps the money where it needs to be. Love that.

    1. Great job, Erica. Don’t you ever just crave going out to eat? Boy, I sure do! I started realizing, though, that the more I ate out the more the food all started tasting the same. Now that we’re eating at home more I find it way more enjoyable to eat out. We try to go out to eat once a week, but right now school is winding down and I have found myself eating out more. I have just decided that if we eat out more than once a week, it’s OKAY. I just take that money out of groceries and I always use a coupon or we go somewhere where the kids eat free:) Summer will be here soon and I will be able to plan better for my crockpot meals:-) Here’s a site that I absolutely love by the way if you’re ever looking for good recipes: Thank you! ~ Whitney

      1. Awesome! Thanks for the website! Haha, I actually “dusted off” my crockpot recently and been making some roasts & casseroles etc. I actually now find it really fun to walk around the grocery store with calculator in hand. It’s like a game to stay within the weekly budget. I know what you mean about it all tasting the same! My husband and I used blow money for a pizza the other day and I was really disappointed in it — after making SO MANY of my own these last few months, I told my husband, “That was a waste of money! Mine are so much better!” LOL 😀

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