We’re on the Radio with Dave Ramsey

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We’re on the Radio with Dave Ramsey

Today is a big day for Greg and I because we are going to be interviewed on the Dave Ramsey radio show by Mr. Dave Ramsey himself.

A few weeks ago  I saw a post on Facebook that the Dave Ramsey show was looking for women in central America to tell their story about Financial Peace University.


I thought that we had a pretty neat story to share, so I thought I would send an email telling our story.

The email went something like this…


Well, we went to see Dave Ramsey live in Dallas at his Total Money Makeover seminar.  It was just a one-day live event that got us really pumped about our finances.

Greg and I were already in a very poor state financially and we were starting to finally get on the right track.

We had a friend of ours in the next town over tell us that if we wanted to find extra money to stop paying on retirement.  He suggested putting that money towards debt.   Guess how much that opened up for us a month?  $65.00

No, you read that correctly.  We started putting down a measly $65 a month towards our debt along with the minimum payments each money.

Well, we came back home after hearing Dave Ramsey and asked our pastor if we could be a host church for his program called Financial Peace University.

He said yes to the idea and then we were hooked!

We pretty much learned right along with our group that first year.

We started budgeting and stayed on a very tight budget and that $65 a month rolled into $1,000 a month within months.

It was such an incredible feeling to pay off that first credit card.  Once we paid off the first one we just couldn’t stop.  Then it really started to drive us to pay off more.


The great thing about teaching FPU is that our people were really able to see us for who we were and are today.

The first year we taught the class we were drowning in debt.  I hope that the people we taught realized that we were dealing with a lot of the same problems that they had.

Our second year of teaching, Greg lost his job and we were at our lowest point ever.  I’m sure that we were more depressed and down than half the people in our class.  They saw us at our lowest, but it was great knowing that we were there to hold each other up.  They were truly an inspiration!

During our third year of teaching was when we became debt free, but there were more things to come.  We also bought a used car, root canal, four wisdom teeth, child’s dental work, and $3,000 put towards getting rocks out of a child’s nose.  It was an expensive year, but well worth it because it was all paid for in CASH!

This past year was pretty calm.  Every year our class grows and I can’t wait to see where God is going to take us and our students next.


Teaching FPU has made me realize that I don’t want to quit.

Every year we’re asked if we will teach the class in the fall and every year we say “No”.  It’s not that we don’t want to, but 13 weeks can be exhausting, especially when you have 2 small children.

So, in March I came to the realization that I don’t have to quit every year in the spring.  I can continue coaching and helping people get through their financial coaching.

Which is why I am a financial coach today.  I am sad when we have to say good-bye to these people every year and I don’t want to say good-bye.  I want to be a part of someone’s life. I want to know how they’re doing years down the road.  I want to see their family tree change and meet their grandchildren and hear them talk about living within their means while living on a cash budget.


Please pray for Greg and I when we are on the air with Dave Ramsey.  I can’t wait to be a voice for all the lives that have been changed through this course.  I want this show to be about the pupils, not about us.

I want to share with Dave about how a lady took this back to her church and spread the word to 20 others.  I want to share about the single mother of  four who learned to coupon and save money.  I want to tell about the people who were already debt-free but were still able to take something away from this course.  I want to share about the couple who told me they didn’t even know how much money they owed and before the course ended they paid off a couple of credit cards and made a plan for the mom to stay home this next year.  So, this is about you – our financial peace students.  I want to be a voice for you!

If you would like to learn more about our FPU class, then click here.

We will be on Dave’s radio show today (July 17th) between 1:00-2:00 CST if you would like to listen in.  Just go to his website and click Radio at the top.

The Real Tragedy of the Shoplifting Shooting

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The Real Tragedy of the Shoplifting Shooting

I experienced a very eye-opening moment one day while out grocery shopping with my two children.  What I thought was going to be a quick trip in and out of the store on our way to the movies turned out to be a real-life drama where someone’s life was lost.



This is the first word I would use when asked about this experience.  When you are shopping and talking with your children and then you look up only to see everyone moving quickly your body gravitates to FEAR.  I seriously felt like my legs were going to fall out from underneath me.  I had no idea what was going on and didn’t know what to do or where to go.  I pushed the buggy to the end of the aisle with two kids in tow and looked straight at an employee.  His eyes met mine and I’m sure that I had a VERY serious look on my face (you know that teacher look) when I asked “What is going on???”.  He put a pointer finger and thumb in the air to make an image of a gun.  I said nothing at that point.  I just held onto my children and walked quickly to the back exit.  Once outside, I could feel my eyes starting to form a tear but chose not to cry since the kids were right there in front of me.  I’m looking around the back parking lot into faces filled with FEAR.  I have never seen so many people have the same expression all at the same time.  I see a woman hugging a man and crying telling him that she thought she was going to die.  I see a dad come and pick up his wife and children and just embracing his kids and crying.  FEAR.  Do you know this feeling?  Have you felt this kind of fear before?  Fear is debilitating.  Fear does not allow you to move.  Fear does not want you to get out of bed in the morning.  Fear causes you to doubt.  I was standing there thinking “Why did I stop here?  Why didn’t we just go on to the movies like we planned?  Why did I make this stop at the last minute?”  Then I started to get upset.  Whoever this was or whatever was going on upset all these people.  I stood on that wall, in the rain, and just prayed.  I prayed that God would take care of whatever was going on inside and keep us safe on the outside.  God caused my fear to subside.

No Material On This Earth Is Worth The Loss Of A Life

I could piece together bits and pieces of what was going on inside through eavesdropping while listening to cellphone conversations.  Otherwise, I really had no clue of what was happening until I got home that night and looked at the news.  What I did piece together was that there was a shoplifter inside who was detained and gunshots were heard.  Later that night I found out that the shoplifter did not survive a gunshot wound to the abdomen.  I still cannot get over the fact that someone lost their life because of a bunch of stuff.  Are we that greedy in America?  Are we that determined to get what we want even if it means taking our life?  What are we thinking?  Now if we were talking about a spouse or our children then I’m sure we would all think a little differently, but we are talking about a shopping cart full of stuff.

There Is A Mother Out There Without A Child

When I found out that this man did not make it through this incident I starting thinking about his mother.  Could you imagine what she is going through?  No matter the situation or who was right/who was wrong, there is still a mother out there without her child.  I made sure to share that with my boys.   I tried not to tell them more information than they really needed to know, but when we were planning on making a 15 minute stop and it turned into a 45 minute ordeal, there were some details I had to share.  My oldest child kept asking me question after question.  When we got home that night the questions continued and I did let him know the next morning that the shoplifter did not survive.  I told him that we need to be praying for his mother.  I have learned throughout my “short” life that most parents really do try to raise their kids the best they know how.  I also know that even if a child is raised in the best of situations, the decisions that that child makes later on in life are his/her decisions.  When I started thinking about this mother I started thinking about all mothers who have “lost” a child.  Maybe their child is “lost” to alcohol addiction, or drug abuse, or financial ruin.  This earth is full of stories like this every day.

What About You?

Are you one of those who are greedily living a life that you should not be living?  Do you face fear of not being able to pay your bills or fear that someone will take something away from you (not necessarily your life)?  What is it going to take to get you on the right path?  Are you searching in the right place for help  or are you  just looking for a “quick fix”?  Debt is an easy trap to fall  into, but it’s an uphill climb to get out of.    Pray that God will lead you in the right direction and show you the straight path to take so that you are not a victim of financial ruin.