FREE Credit Reports – Why Pay?

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FREE Credit Reports – Why Pay?

Did you know that you are allowed (3) free credit reports a year?  I was just telling this to a client when I realized that nobody everybody is aware of this.


The great thing is that you you can file it online and print it straight from your computer.  This is a great way to start if you don’t know where you stand financially.  I recommend that everybody do this at least once a year just to check and make sure everything looks legit.


Here’s the site, and again it’s absolutely FREE.  If you’re paying for credit reports then someone gave you some bad advice!  Just sayin’…

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Living Life in the Left-Turn Lane

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Living Life in the Left-Turn Lane

Today as I was driving my kids to school I started to think about how much I absolutely loathe the left-turn lane.  My son can attest to this, because I gripe every morning when we reach a certain spot.


I have told my child that if this line were led correctly, then 6 cars should be able to get through the line successfully.   Six…not three, not even five, but six!!!


As I was glaring at this long line of cars sitting in front of me I started to wonder why I hate this lane so much.  Then I figured it out!


I am having to wait on one person.  One person’s decision could affect the entire line.  If that individual is looking down at their cellphone or playing with the radio then they will never see the light change.


This is what bugs me!  The fact that I have to wait on someone else and I have absolutely no control over the situation.


Now don’t get me wrong; I have been honked at before for sitting there and not seeing the light change or playing with my cellphone.  I am also one of those that stalls and doesn’t like to just gun it when I have two kids in the car. 


I have realized that I am trying to stray more and more away from waiting on others to help me make decisions.


Now there are people that I will gladly wait on.  I will usually (not all the time) wait on the Lord to give me a clear path to follow.  I haven’t always been great at this, but I’m definitely getting better.


I believe that I quit my job for this very reason.  I was tired of always being told what to do.  I felt like a robot in many situations.  I often looked out the window and felt like I was watching my life just slip away.  There was an entire world going on outside of these four walls and I wanted to discover it.


Now I’m starting to discover that world.  In the post “I Love My Job” I shared with you about being able to live my life the way that God intended.


I do believe that I was meant to wait for this to happen and that God placed other careers in my life to help me get to where I am today.


But there’s no more waiting to follow the leader for this girl.  The only Leader that I’m following has shown me time and time again that I am right where He wants me to be.


I hope you feel the same way.  I hope that you are searching for the path where God is leading you.


In my career of helping people financially, God is also laying it on my heart to help women (especially) with lessening their load and showing them ways to be able to have the best of both worlds – working from home and outside the home.


I will let you know what I have to offer you in this area of hope, but I believe every couple needs to have their finances under control before becoming your own leader and branching off into your own business.  Until you reach this point, I believe you need to stay in the turn lane.


If you would like to talk to me more about your situation and just ask me questions regarding my life, please email me .

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Cash vs. Credit at the Grocery Store

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Cash vs. Credit at the Grocery Store

So as I’ve been reading“Financially Ever After” there are several things that I have found that appeal to me in the book.


He challenges everybody to an experiment that I really liked.  I want you to try this out for yourself.



Next time you head out to the grocery store, I want you to take you credit card and spend the way you would normally spend.  Go ahead and splurge or buy on impulse.


This is what you wind up doing anyways with a credit card even if you don’t realize it.


That’s because you have no emotions tied up into that card.  It’s just a card.


It doesn’t represent your hard-earned paycheck or hurt as much as it would if you used cash.



The next time you go to the store drop by the ATM on your way.  Stop and take out as much cash as you spent at the store weeks earlier when you used your credit card.


Leave your credit card at home.  Yep!  You can do this.  This is called will-power.  You have to tell yourself that you can use cash only and you’ll learn a great lesson while shopping without that credit card.


Shop as you normally would but you have to be careful.   The cash you have in hand is all that you have.  Remember to account for sales tax.


Don’t get too freaked out – you will have enough cash.


Your mind will remind you how much you have on hand and then help you add up the numbers as you go.  This is the great thing about our minds.  They are useful in a lot of ways, but we need to remember to put them to use:)



Well, how did the shopping trip turn out?  Did you find that you actually had cash left over?  Was is harder to hand over the cash after buying the groceries?


What you should have found is that shopping with cash is really not that scary.  It does take a little getting used to if you have not shopped with cash before.  But it is definitely doable.


You will also find that you focus more on the things that you and your family need – not just want.  This is not only good for the budget but also good for your health.


It is also empowering to walk away from the store knowing that you owe nothing.  I remember those days of our early marriage when we didn’t have enough money for groceries and we would just go swipe a credit card.


Now I look back and wonder how much interest we accrued on those small grocery trips.  So much money and time wasted.


I hope you will consider this challenge and then let us know how it turned out.  What did you learn from this experience?

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