25 Ways to Save $25 a week

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25 Ways to Save $25 a week

One thing that I often hear from so many people who are in debt is that they have nothing in savings.  Here are some quick tips telling you some ways to save $100/month.  Here they are…



Use coupons when shopping.


Lower your heat or raise your air during the day while at work.


Don’t go shopping when you are hungry.


Get Netflix.  That seems to be the latest trend in television!


Shop only sales while grocery shopping and eat what’s on sale for the week.


Plan for cheap entertainment.  We go to the movies at least once a month since it’s only $4.25/matinee.


Limit your eating out to once a week.


Look around town for free events for your family.


Shop online garage sales by joining a Facebook group.


Cook slow cooker meals.  If you don’t have a slow cooker, buy one!  My crockpot has saved me time and money.


Sell something – anything – on a (you guessed it!) Facebook group.


Use Shopkick to get giftcards automatically sent to your I-Phone and use them in stores for FREE.


When you go out to eat, use coupons or choose a night where your kids can eat FREE.


For a cheap date, make dinner at home and order a movie from Redbox.


Pray before you enter the store that God would lead you towards the things you actually need and keep you away from junk that you want.


Try using cash.  I have 3 envelopes…food, gas, blow.   Easy way to start to save you a lot!


Shop around online to see if you can get a better deal than in the stores.


Use Ebates when shopping online to get money back.


Use a shopping app to get money back in the form of a rebate on your phone.


Buy your make-up at CVS or Walgreens.  Mark-downs are usually 50%-75% off.  Use coupons to score some for FREE.


Avoid Starbucks – or at least cutback.


Plan ahead for big purchases so that you are not constantly spending the money you’re trying to save.


Shop at a store like Kroger to get fuel points and save money on gas.


Buy toys during the months of July and September when they are marked down and create a birthday bucket.  This saves tons of money if you have little ones who are always invited to unexpected parties.


Shop for items out of season and always shop Clarence (which is what my kids call Clearance).


I’m sure I left something off my list.  What other ways are you able to save?






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How Can I Be A “Thrifty” Shopper Even if I Hate Using Coupons?

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How Can I Be A “Thrifty” Shopper Even if I Hate Using Coupons?

Great question!  I have a great answer.  If you don’t like the hassle of using coupons, then don’t use them.  Unless someone in your household is twisting your arm and forcing you to shop with coupons then just don’t bother.  You can still be a smart shopper even without the use of coupons.


Buy in Bulk

There are certain things that are really hard to buy using coupons.  Meat is one item that comes to mind.  So, when I am out and about shopping, if I find hamburger meat or chicken at a really low price per pound then I immediately stock up.  There is a place in our town where beef is about 95% lean and 5 % fat.  The price per pound is very comparable to the 73% lean 27% fat hamburger meat that I have seen in the stores.  (Just a quick note:  fat content is a big issue for me, because Greg nor I can handle a lot of grease in our system.  I will just leave it at that:)  So, if I can get the leaner meat for the same price as the cheap stuff then I am definitely going to stock up.


Lately, we have been shopping at warehouses.  There are some things that I like to buy in bulk and some things have seemed to be a waste of money (like a huge bag of green beans that nobody ate).  Although, I really don’t think I’m saving much money (sometimes by mere pennies) it is nice to stock up and not run to the store every night of the week.  If there’s food in the house, then that also prevents the thought that we have to go out to eat.  It’s always cheaper to just stay home!


Sale Shopping – Not Shoe Shopping, Ladies!

When things are at their lowest sale price, then I try to stock up.  For example, the other day I went shopping and saw Country Time Lemonade packets for my water bottles at $1.00 per box.  This is amazing, considering that most the time these are selling for 3.99 a package.  So, I bought 5 boxes.  If I can get laundry detergent for .99 then I will take that opportunity to buy several at one time.


I always check the clearance bins at every store that I enter.  I have found things like toothpaste and feminine products for super cheap.  Again, this is where I will use a coupon if I have it and if I don’t then I get it anyways because it’s way cheaper than what I would pay for it coming directly off the shelf.  When I shop for clothes, I always hit the clearance racks first!  I hardly ever buy anything for retail value.  I am always looking for a deal.


When I was pregnant with my first child, I really wanted this shirt that I found at the mall.  I had borrowed most of my maternity clothes and knew I would look great in this shirt.  It was so soft and a beautiful shade of pink.  Well, I waited thinking that shirt might just go on sale.  I waited…and waited…and waited and yes it was finally marked down and put on a clearance rack.  There was only one shirt left.  I tried it on and noticed that it had a stain on the front.  I took it to the cashier to pay and asked if they could take a little money off for the stain because I didn’t know for sure that I could get it out and this was the only shirt that was left on the rack.  Well, I walked out of there paying $1.72 for a shirt that originally cost $30.  Fortunately the stain did come out!


Have you Ever Tried Shopping at a Local Market?

I have been shopping for more produce outside of the regular grocery stores.  Sometimes the prices really spike at a local grocery store that I use, so I just go to the local market.  The prices are usually consistent from week to week and they are either comparable or cheaper than a grocery store.  Plus the food seems to last longer.  It always looks really fresh as well.


We have a market close to us where local merchants can sell their produce on Saturday mornings.  If I can get up and get out on a Saturday then I love going there to see what I can find!  One time I bought some vegetables that lasted for several weeks.  I like that about produce!  I like to know that my money is not wasted when I buy something and that it has a great shelf life.


Where do you shop for great deals?  Tell us about your great find without using a coupon.

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FREE Credit Reports – Why Pay?

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FREE Credit Reports – Why Pay?

Did you know that you are allowed (3) free credit reports a year?  I was just telling this to a client when I realized that nobody everybody is aware of this.


The great thing is that you you can file it online and print it straight from your computer.  This is a great way to start if you don’t know where you stand financially.  I recommend that everybody do this at least once a year just to check and make sure everything looks legit.


Here’s the site, and again it’s absolutely FREE.  If you’re paying for credit reports then someone gave you some bad advice!  Just sayin’…



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