I Saved 94% at CVS and I Am Sharing a Secret Coupon Tip

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I Saved 94% at CVS and I Am Sharing a Secret Coupon Tip

So I have been bombarded with CVS coupons.  It’s crazy because I’ve gone about a year with getting nothing.  I’m not sure if I’m getting them because I’m shopping there more consistently or if somehow I just showed back up on their radar.

FullSizeRenderNot picture Brookside Dark Chocolate snack

Pretty much everything I got this week was something that would give me Extra Buck’s or something that we needed.  A big myth with using coupons is that you only purchase things that you really don’t need and that is completely false.  I purchase things all the time that we use and if I don’t use it, then I donate it.


Here are a few good deals going on this week:

Propel Water = $1.25 get back $1.25 Extra Buck

Caliber pencils and glue = $1.59 get back $1 Extra Buck back for each making them .59

These would be great for back-to-school or to give to a teacher

1 gal. milk = $3.69 get back $1.00 Extra Buck

Brookside Dark Chocolate = $3.79 – $2.00 coupon from coupon center = $1.79

Needle and Thread = .99 on clearance

Special K bars = $2.00 (great price)

Total OOP = $1.98


This was my first transaction.  I normally don’t do more than 2 transactions because it would make my mind crazy and clear the shelves.  I had a $5 off coupon print out from the coupon center because I had $50 from the Beauty Club rewards (watch the video for more information).


That gave me $11 in Extra Bucks and I knew that I would only get $4.25 back.  I normally don’t do this, but I wanted to use those Extra Bucks for some new toothpaste and mouthwash for the children since school would be starting soon.  So…


(2) Crest toothpaste = $3.78 – $1.50 coupon

(1) Colgate mouthwash = $4.79 – $2.00 manufactured coupon

- $4.25 Extra Bucks

- $2.00 off $10 personal care items (on my app)

- 25% off (sent to my inbox)



So, here’s the secret tip.  I was thinking to myself “Okay, I’m going to use the % off coupon because the items are not on sale.  I will save around $2.50; whereas if I use the $2 off coupon then I will only save $2. 


Then I remembered reading their coupon policy in preparation of my new book and it said that you could use both.  I saved $4.40 using both of those coupons.  This is why I LOVE CVS!  They take multiple coupons on just a few items.  It is so easy to save money there!  

Still can’t figure out how to save at CVS?  Feel free to check out my video:

If you are not getting CVS coupons sent to your inbox, you might try one of two things.  You might try downloading their app onto your phone (which you should get $3 Extrabucks for doing so) or try entering your email address again in your account on their website


Don’t forget to print your coupons before heading out:)

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FREE Coffee for Teachers During the Month of September

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FREE Coffee for Teachers During the Month of September


Expires 9/28/15

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How Shopkick Helped Me Get School Supplies for FREE

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How Shopkick Helped Me Get School Supplies for FREE

Don’t you just love free?  I think we all do:)  Today I was able to score some free school supplies at Target using Shopkick


Shopkick is this awesomely amazing app that allows you to get kicks just for entering certain stores.  Make sure your Shopkick is on, along with your Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.  You can also get kicks for scanning items.  And guess what…it doesn’t cost you a dime!!!  That’s the best part.



You can get more kicks by loading your debit card to the app.  When you purchase something, your kicks will be applied to your account but it might take a few days.  I had this happen with Ibotta when I purchased something at JCPenney’s.


For every 250 kicks, you get $1 saved onto your app.  Your running total will be listed at the top when open your app.  I saved $10 on this transaction because I saved up over 3,000 kicks.  I used 2,500 to get the $10 gift card.  I just clicked on rewards, bought the Target gift card, and showed the barcode to the cashier to apply it to my transaction.


The best luck that I’ve had with Shopkick so far was that I saved over $80 on Christmas gifts bought at JCPenney’s and Target.  I would take the $10 from Shopkick along with a $10 JCPenney coupon and have $20 off  my total.  That adds up really quickly when it comes to saving YOU money.


Shopkick also helped us during a time when both of our kids needed shoes.  And when did this happen?  A month before school ended.  I was able to get a pair on sale at Penney’s and use a $10 off coupon scoring Filas for $5 and then bought a pair of Shawn White shoes at Target and also paid $5.  How did I do this?  Shopkick.  I had a $25 gift card loaded onto my app.  You can do the same and it’s SO EASY!!!


If you want to save on Target’s Up and Up items, there is a 5% off Cartwheel listed this week.  To learn about Cartwheel, Shopkick, and my other favorite apps…click here.


What is your favorite money saving app?

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